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Features of the Honey Wagon:

  • 2 taps--Pony kegs; either beer or a choice of the Beekeeper's Brew (non-alcoholic). Mix vodka with a Beekeeper's Brew for a one-of-a-kind cocktail.
  • The Honey Wagon can be a display a variety of Hardwood Honey products. Or a portable bar for such occasions.
  • Suitable for a garage/driveway, parking lot, or fairgrounds 

Please email ross@hardwoodhoney.com to discuss details


The Honey Wagon is an original design. From a drawing on a piece of paper to a honey cabinet with a bar top and two taps. Be sure to buzz by and socialize.

A custom frame was desired to be able to function indoors and outside. The Honey Wagon is mobile. 

The cabinet and bar top is made of cedar. The Honey Wagon is unique, no doubt. 

The Honey Wagon comes equipped with two keg taps. The honey drinks are brewed with various natural ingredients to create a holistic, refreshing experience.