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A distinct selection of raw bee hive products. The selection includes unique flavors of honey, whipped honeys, craft honey products, beverages, and beeswax candles.

2021 marked the debut of a variety of Beekeeper Brews from Hardwood Honey. For two years Hardwood Honey Elixirs have caught the attention of those who have tried. The goal for 2023 is to scale the brewing.

Beeswax candles became a seasonal product Halloween 2022. The most popular candle for Christmas is the green Grinch! For Valentine's the hearts have become the most adorable. The beeswax will be dyed for holidays and seasons. Snakeroot Botanicals in Fountain Square and in Broad Ripple showcase the themed candles.

Support Hardwood Honey as a local business in Central Indiana, thank you.

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