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It doesn’t get any easier than this. All you need to start beekeeping. One complete assembled bee hive and one great nucleus colony of Indiana honey bees.  Just put the bees in the beehive and you are a beekeeper :) 

These will be ready for pick up  April 2022.  The bees are a mix of carnelian and Italian. They have been mated and raised in Central Indiana. These are winter hardy, fast build up bees. Getting a strong Nuc like this is In April gives the bees time to build up and store surplus honey or be split to make additional bee hives.

hive includes:

telescoping cover

inner cover

2 deep brood boxes

15 frames with plastic beeswax foundation

solid bottom board

Nuc includes:

3 frames of brood

2 frames of resources 

1 laying mother queen 

Full of bees

Give the gift of bees to someone special or treat yourself to the wonderful experience of beekeeping.

Please direct questions to Ross@HardwoodHoney.com

Once purchased you will get notifications on the bees and contacted about pick up schedules.

Pick up only in McCordsville